Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Golden Gate National
Golden Gate National

Along the coastline of California is the expansive Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It is among the biggest urban national parks in the world as well as one of the largest attractions in San Francisco. The different sites making up the park are a great attraction to both domestic and international tourists. To make it better for the visitors, the park lies within a very easy reach from the city. This means that people can go for exciting hikes and still get back to the comfort of there hotel rooms. In this article, we will look at some of the best features found in this park.


National Monument

The Monument at Muir Woods is among the last redwood coastal forests in the world. The average age of these forests is 700 years with the oldest being about 1,200 years old. According to John Muir, to whose name the forest was dedicated, it is the best monument for tree lovers. With the beauty that is witnessed, huge crowds visit the site, especially during weekends. You can escape the crowds by venturing on the Ocean View Trail which stretches about 1.2 miles. The trail runs from the valley floor through the extended redwoods. The loop then turns onto Lost trail, then to Fern Creek Trail, and goes back to the entrance.


Tennessee Valley

To the North of San Francisco, lies Marin Headlands where the valley is located. Although it is not a very heavily forested feature, it is a great opportunity for visitors to view wildlife and flowers. These range from California poppies to lupines, red-tailed hawks, and bobcats. The area is a favorite for families due to the trails there. The most famous trail is the Tennessee Valley Trail which runs to the Pacific Ocean and Tennessee Cove through the valley. Add this to your list if you want great views of the sunset.


Lands End

Lying on the North-western part of the city is one of the city’s best lookouts. The sceneries you can view from this point include the Pacific Ocean, Marin Headlands, Farallon Islands, ruins of the Sutro Baths and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Lands End Trail follows the California Coastal Trail which lies between China Beach and Lands End. The lookout at Lands End gives visitors the opportunity to view the exhibits on the natural and cultural history of the area.


To the south of the city, is the Sweeney Ridge. It offers an all-around view of the Bay Area mountains. In addition, it has the Discovery Site of the bay. This is the point where the Portola expedition became the first European explorer to view the San Francisco Bay.

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Making San Francisco a Better Place

San Francisco touristEach and every person should consider making improvements to San Francisco.

Help a tourist.

We all see tourists lingering close to the driver in the bus while counting their change trying so hard to avoid falling when the bus lurches forward, or when they keep checking their maps at every corner looking all confused and blank. Offer them help instead of just walking past them with your head phones on. Tourist are important to a instead of ignoring the tourists welcome and appreciate them. Take it as a compliment that people travel to come see San Francisco. Offer to take them to your favorite local joints and show the tourist around.

Foster pets.

Apart from the widely known dog and cat adoption programs there are plenty more programs that search for people who could house animals. While the pets are waiting for their forever home, SPCA came up with various foster programs that people can choose from. You can either decide to foster the animal for some time until the animal is adopted or participate in hospice programs that are meant for supporting pets that are too young to be adopted.

Giving up a seat on the bus.

There are various ethics we are taught in the community for example in a bus and the wheels are running and you have a seat while a person older than you, a pregnant woman or a person that is physically challenged is standing next to you, it is only ethical to give them a seat and stand instead. But also consider just giving anyone a seat just as an act of kindness. Stand and make the other person also enjoy the ride.


This is basic common sense. Recycling is an affordable and easier way to make sure San Francisco is a better city. Avoid littering the city instead use the trash cans and encourage others to do the same. If you came across litter around the city don’t just pass it pick it up and throw it in the trash an example to the rest.


Make sure you walk around the city smiling even at complete strangers. Avoid long stern faces, whether the strangers smile back or not it doesn’t matter, what matters is one person will smile back. Also people living in the streets always spare some change for the reason someone does not sleep on an empty the reason somebody else is smiling. Don’t forget to volunteer also in the city’s events to help others. If you are planning to visit San Francisco City then make sure you read seven ways to make San Francisco a better place and enjoy your time.